EnviroAtlas provides interactive tools and resources for exploring the benefits people receive from nature or "ecosystem goods and services". Ecosystem goods and services are critically important to human health and well-being, but they are often overlooked due to lack of information. Using EnviroAtlas, many types of users can access, view, and analyze diverse information to better understand the potential impacts of various decisions.

Ecosystem Benefits and Risks Website
The Appalachian LCC has collaborated with the US Forest Service to provide information and tools that fully integrate society’s value of ecosystems with future threats to better inform natural resource planning and management. Through links on this page, users can access information, maps, data, and additional resources brought together through this collaboration.

Challenge Cost-Share Grant Program
The National Urban and Community Forestry Advisory Council's Challenge Cost-Share Grant Program is focused on the present health and future preservation of America's urban forests. Funds, at present, are targeted at work that will develop a 'national urban forestry funding assessment and methodology' or that will will provide increased 'understanding of urban forest ecosystem/ecological services.'

Planning for Growth and Open Space Conservation Webinar Series
The Forest Service has made available 26 webinars on a variety of open space topics including Session 24: Integrating Water Strategies at the Urban Fringe and Session 11: An All Lands Approach to Ecosystem Services for Water.

Watershed, Fish, Wildlife, Air, & Rare Plants Program
This program of the US Forest Service aims to 1) protect, sustain, and improve the water and watershed resources and services; 2) protect ecosystems by ensuring that proposed management activities promote conservation of biological diversity; 3) restore deteriorated ecosystems by ensuring their biological health, diversity, and productivity; 4) provide multiple benefits to people within the capabilities of ecosystems by enhancing ecosystem productivity, managing public access, and increasing environmental education; and 5) improve organizational effectiveness.

State Resources - TENNESSEe

Forest Legacy Program
The Tennessee Forest Legacy Program currently conserves 35,000 acres across Tennessee, and is growing. Its mission is to protect environmentally important, working private forestlands threatened with conversion to non-forest uses. The Forest Legacy Program identifies and permanently protects environmentally important private forestlands that are threatened by conversion to non-forest uses. Delivered through Forest Service Cooperative Forestry, Tennessee and most other US states qualify as a participant and compete nationally for 75% grant funding each year. Click here for a map of eligible Forest Legacy Area Watersheds (2014).